About Us

Learn about the story of the motivation that drove us to create this incredible conference

TimeOut Fest will be North Alabama’s biggest festival celebration. The extravaganza begins August 20th, 2016 but the good vibes last forever (approximately). With an extraordinary multi-genre lineup boasting artists, bands, and DJs from around the globe, we will give the Tennessee Valley an experience they will treasure forever.


TimeOut Fest is Huntsville and the greater North Alabama’s premier event for artistic expression. We believe in well-planned breaks that help nourish the innovative and creative process that has become engrained in the Rocket City’s DNA. The ever growing millennial population of metro Huntsville demands a break from their ever-busy work and school lives: we intend to give them their “TimeOut”.


TimeOut Fest seeks to provide the residents of Huntsville, AL an unparalleled experience in arts and entertainment that’s never been offered to North Alabama until now. By combining local arts, foods, and vendors with nationally-beloved artists and exhibits, we will create an event that will establish new standards for the Arts and Entertainment scene of Rocket City.